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Do you love patios? We do! At Orellana Construction, we give you professional assistance in designing and building your dream patio. No matter how small or large your patio or patios will be, we are happy to optimize your backyard’s design. For the perfect patio construction in Carney, Maryland, contact Orellana Construction! Below, we’ll dive into the frequently asked questions involving cost, materials, design ideas, and contractors.

How Much Is Patio Construction in Carney?

A patio installation can cost between $1,000 and $8,000 in 2024 on national average, but the ultimate cost depends on your area and your patio’s design. Some patio materials will cost more or less and be easier or harder to install, affecting the labor cost. It’s best to receive quotes for at least one reliable source to understand what a fair price would be for your particular project.

Patio Materials

What are the most popular patio materials? They vary a lot more than this article can cover, but the categories are, according to least to most expensive:

  • Poured concrete: The simplest patio with a clean and smooth look. It can be plain or colored.
  • Stamped concrete: It is the same as poured concrete but with decorative designs stamped onto the surface. The concrete can be plain or colored.
  • Natural stone: There are many types of natural stone suitable for patios, including limestone, bluestone, flagstone, slate, granite, marble, etc. Their prices vary.
  • Brick pavers: Bricks vary in color, but they vary most in pattern. Brick patios are excellent for historic feeling homes.
  • Concrete pavers: Concrete pavers can be colored and also come in different patterns. They are the height of luxury and easy to repair.

Patio Construction Ideas

Patios have a great sense of permanence. For a beautiful patio design, consider the shape, size, and extras. Patios can be rectangular, square, circular, or custom. As for the size, it will depend on what is most proportionate to your backyard and home. It should be large enough to put out a couple of bistro chairs at least.

Lastly, consider extra features like fire pits, retaining walls, sitting walls, fountains, and outdoor kitchens. A patio can be much, much more than just a flat platform outside your back door, and for the most home value, it shouldn’t be. It should be another living space, a place to sit outdoors. It can be simple or luxurious, but it should ultimately be a place that welcomes people outdoors.

Finding a Great Patio Contractor in Carney, MD

Research your local patio contractors, look up their services, look up their reviews, and chat with them about your project or ask for a quote. At Orellana Construction, we are happy to perform patio construction in Carney, Maryland!

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