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Based in Rosedale, Maryland, you will find one of the best residential concrete companies around. Orellana Construction provides numerous home construction services within a wide radius, which covers Middle River, Maryland. Are you looking for a residential concrete company in Middle River, Maryland, that can turn your pavement from broken to beautiful? If so, read on to discover all that Orellana can do for you.

Our Residential Concrete Services in Middle River

  • Driveway installations: Drive up to your home in style on a smooth or textured driveway.
  • Patio installations: Enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful, cool patio. We also pave patios for swimming pools.
  • Walkways and paths: Walkways and paths connect the driveway to your front door or backyard. Paths can also aid the traffic flow in your backyard. 
  • Exterior steps: Exterior steps to your home or screened porch should be stable. Let Orellana Construction build ones that are long-lasting!

We use the highest-quality materials for every job, and our team has the skill to do precise work. You can learn more about our results through our gallery and customer testimonials.

As for our concrete design options, we offer concrete pavers and poured concrete. Each of these choices has its pros and cons, which we will discuss briefly below.

Why Concrete?

Concrete, no matter the form, will last a very long time without cracking. Pavers are easy to replace if any break, but poured concrete is more affordable. Both can be colored and stamped to create unique designs and patterns. Alternatively, concrete pavement can be kept simple and smooth and still look great. In addition, if your pavement is in a sunny area, then it will stay cooler than asphalt no matter how hot it gets.

Maintaining Concrete Pavement

All things need maintenance to be in their best shape. Concrete is porous and benefits from a sealcoat every few years to keep dirt, spills, water, and other debris from seeping into it. Otherwise, power washing the pavement once a year will do wonders in keeping it clean. If poured concrete does crack, it is possible to fill the cracks. If you have seen satisfying power washing videos of concrete driveways and patios online, then you understand.

Why Orellana Construction?

Orellana Construction’s team has many years of experience in the concrete industry. As mentioned above, we are fully qualified to perform concrete and construction work for your home in Middle River and beyond. Our clients can attest to our work. While we specialize in concrete, we are also happy to help you with your home construction or remodeling needs.

Ready to Get a Quote?

Are you ready to pursue your project? Even if you are still saving up, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a quote on what a concrete installation project would cost. No matter who you choose, we are always happy to be your residential concrete company in Middle River, MD.

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Proudly serving Baltimore County and the surrounding areas with exceptional masonry, paving, concrete, roofing, and much more, our team has many years of experience in excellent residential construction. We have the expertise, knowledge and skills to make any home or outdoor project come to fruition. 

Contact us to learn more about your options or for a quote for your project!

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