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A house should be a home; it should be a place where someone belongs. When building, renovating, or expanding homes, Orellana Construction understands that it is more than just a job. It is a partnership of trust. Our experienced, highly skilled team is happy to work with you on your residential construction project, whether it be large or small. Here is how we can be your residential construction contractor in Overlea, Maryland.

Orellana: Residential Construction Contractor in Overlea

Orellana Construction has its roots in Rosedale, but our services range throughout the Baltimore area, including Overlea. If you would like a free consultation on your residential construction project, our people at Orellana are happy to talk with you. We are happy to advise and to deliver the highest quality results for you. Our residential construction services in Baltimore include the following:

Home Building

Find a reliable and experienced home builder to be part of your new home construction team! Orellana Construction completes end-to-end services that take your blueprint to a home that stands tall and strong. Feel free to ask us any questions you would like! We are happy to work on a home construction project of any size, whether it is a cottage or a mansion.

Custom Home Building

Does your home construction have custom features? We can build your custom home, whether you are changing a few details in an existing floorplan or have designed a home from scratch. If you are working with an architect, we will work together to make your dream home into a tangible reality. We will accommodate your custom touches, from large-scale elements to small details. If you want a secret door, you really can have one!


A home addition is an upward or downward extension of your home. It might be a room over the garage or a vaulted ceiling in the living room. It might be a loft over your detached garage or a finished attic you can use for an office. Our excellent builders are willing to take your project on in stride.


An expansion is a lateral extension of your home. Examples would include an in-law suite, a garage expansion for a third car, or an expanded room, like a kitchen. If your home feels a little squished, call Orellana Construction to make it roomier!


Detached buildings are also projects we can take on. If you would like to build a detached shed, studio, home office, guest suite, in-law suite, etc., just contact Orellana Construction!

Additional Residential Construction Services

We look forward not only to being your residential construction contractor in Overlea, MD but also to being there when your home needs help. We also repair decks, roofs, and concrete, renovate homes, and waterproof homes.

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Proudly serving Baltimore County and the surrounding areas with exceptional masonry, paving, concrete, roofing, and much more, our team has many years of experience in excellent residential construction. We have the expertise, knowledge and skills to make any outdoor project come to fruition. 

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