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Orellana Construction is a highly-rated commercial and residential construction company in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas. With Orellana, you can find a multitude of exceptional home improvement services, such as patio construction, comprehensive roofing service, and deck repair. There is a lot that Orellana can do for you in the short term and long term! What about residential construction in Baltimore, MD? Here’s what Orellana Construction, LLC, can do for you.

Types of Residential Construction in Baltimore We Offer

Home Building

Perhaps you have worked with an architect, or you are an architect and need a construction company to bring your blueprints to life. Orellana is just the company for you in the Baltimore area. 

It doesn’t matter how small or large your new house plan is; whether you want to build an elaborate mansion or a charming cottage, the Orellana team can professionally construct it for you. 

Custom Residential Construction

We also work with custom home plans. A custom home allows you to make a house that suits your lifestyle to a tee. It is the best solution for anyone building on their own land who has a long list of real estate requirements. Orellana provides end-to-end residential construction in Baltimore, from the design to the final build. We listen to each customer’s requests for a truly personalized, satisfactory result.

Additions & Expansions

Do you love your current home and want to develop it? Perhaps you want to add a mother-in-law suite, a home office, or a guest bedroom above the garage. Maybe you want to expand your kitchen, or remodel your home altogether!

Once again, you can contact Orellana Construction, LLC, with the expectation that we can do wonderful work for you. Orellana not only builds home additions and expansions but remodels homes as well. 

Making the Most of Your Baltimore Home

Baltimore, MD, is a city with a rich history and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Taking care of and developing your residential property with the best construction service will benefit both you and the community. Responsible property ownership helps keep the local area beautiful and of high value; meanwhile, you can enjoy a beautiful home that suits your needs! As time goes by, the house can later become a profit for you should you sell or a heritage home to pass down to your descendants. Orellana Construction, LLC, also performs home repairs, and so can help keep your home in great condition as the decades wear on.

See What Orellana Construction, LLC, Can Do for You!

Orellana Construction, LLC, provides multiple home renovation and construction services. From roofing to patios, Orellana can provide service from the top of your house to the bottom. As for residential construction in Baltimore, we can build your house from the bottom-up with our many years of expertise. 

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Proudly serving Baltimore County and the surrounding areas with exceptional masonry, paving, concrete, roofing, and much more, our team has many years of experience in excellent residential construction. We have the expertise, knowledge and skills to make any outdoor project come to fruition. 

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