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Orellana builds patios in Essex, MD!

A patio is a stable foundation for an outdoor living space. When you match it with your driveway, front walkway, or both, you give your home a cohesive look. It would look even better when it is completely new, free of weeds, and free of cracks. Orellana Construction is a team with decades of experience in home improvement and construction. You can count on Orellana for perfect patio construction in Essex, Maryland.

What’s the Average Patio Construction Cost?

The average patio construction cost in the U.S. is $1,000 to $14,000. It depends on the patio’s size, material, and complexity. 

Types of Patio Materials

Popular patio materials, from most affordable to most luxurious, include:

  • Poured concrete: Poured concrete is simple, clean, neutral, and affordable. It can be uncolored or colored.
  • Stamped concrete: Stamped concrete is poured concrete with decorative stamps over the surface. It could be a border, a pattern over the surface, an emblem, etc. Stamped concrete can be colored or uncolored.
  • Natural stone: Natural stone is luxurious but surprisingly affordable. Options include flagstone, slate, limestone, marble, and much more. It’s best to research your options and visit a patio contractor to see and feel them for yourself.
  • Concrete and brick pavers: Likewise, concrete pavers and brick pavers are top tier choices. Both options have pros and cons and come in various colors. 

Types of Patio Designs

A patio design starts with its material, shape, and size. Concerning your patio’s shape, think outside the box. It could be a rectangle or square, but it could also be circular or custom. It depends on what creates the best traffic flow through your backyard.

As for its size, it also depends on the traffic flow of your yard. It depends on what would be proportionate to your yard.

Patios can also come with many additions that make it all that you want it to be. Popular patio additions include:

  • Sitting walls
  • Retaining walls (for soil retention)
  • Fire pit
  • Pergola, pavilion, or gazebo
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Fountain
  • Flower beds
  • Steps (if the patio is on a slope)

Orellana Offers Patio Construction in Essex, MD!

Orellana Construction can help you professionally design and install your new patio in Essex and throughout Baltimore County. We’re happy to chat with you about your patio budget and goals and give you a free estimate if you are ready. Feel free to read our customer reviews, see our project gallery, and explore our website to learn more about us. If you need professional patio construction in Essex, MD, you know who to call!

If you have other home improvement or construction needs, see what we can do for you!

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Proudly serving Baltimore County and the surrounding areas with exceptional masonry, paving, concrete, roofing, and much more, our team has many years of experience in excellent residential construction. We have the expertise, knowledge and skills to make any home or outdoor project come to fruition. 

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